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Our professional conference and training rooms are fully functional rooms with space for work, organization of conferences, trainings and business meetings. M12 conference rooms can handle any conference, workshop or training.


The Młyńska 12 proposal includes the organization of business meetings in one of the conference rooms located on the site, the area of which ranges from 15 to 137 sq m. Thanks to the highest class of technical equipment and the experience of the staff, it is possible to arrange both conferences, lectures or trainings, as well as workshops during which the participants' activity is a key element of the meeting.


Along with the dizzying development of technology, the trends and standards of the conference fitting proposed by business centers are changing. Młyńska12 is an object that offers only the most modern solutions, allowing for the highest comfort of conferences, training and presentations. Thanks to the investment in the highest quality, Młyńska12 conference rooms in Poznań become the leader in its category.

 Projection sets

Remote-controlled projection sets allow for the highest quality presentation of the material used.

Multimedia rooms 

Each of the rooms is supported by intelligent touch panels that allow you to control light, sound, projection sets, air conditioning, curtains and window frames.


In the conference rooms there is the possibility of videoconferencing - the most modern and increasingly used form of business meetings.

 Modular space

Thanks to the modular construction of the conference rooms, there is possible to adapt them to the needs of the expected number of Guests, and assumed the form of meetings.

One of the key elements making for a good training or conference is the technical infrastructure of the facility hosting the event. It is good to analyse the conference scenario thoroughly each time so that the choice of venue meets the technical requirements of the event.

The most important technical considerations include the ability to provide adequate lighting, sound and projection solutions. The reason is that corporate events often require an overhead projector, adequate sound system for the presented materials and a sufficient number of power sockets.

Even the most considerate organiser, however, cannot manage all the factors which may potentially disrupt the conference. This is why Młyńska12 offers its conference and training guests the services of event supervisor and the technical unit which can respond to emergencies.