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Młyńska12 offers a totally new quality of organising parties and receptions. Considering the vast area including reception rooms, a restaurant and the elegant courtyard, you can fulfil your dreams about private evening meetings and lavish receptions for up to several hundred guests. Elegant interiors, excellent cooking, top-quality services and attention to every detail – these are the secrets of to the success of every event we undertake to organise.


Receptions at Młyńska12 are about a variety of options enabling us to host even hundreds of guests at one time. The banquet hall and restaurant but also the courtyard and sky bar were designed in a way making it possible to arrange both sit down and standing parties.



Not every event can be managed as a party. For those guests who seek space for a wider range of meeting options, Młyńska12 has prepared a number of event offers. Concerts, dancing parties, balls, car premieres, product shows and many others – our experts will help you create a tailor-made evening.


Młyńska12 offers a wide range of food and beverage opportunities to event and reception organisers. At the requests of our customers, the M12 Team will prepare sit down dinners, buffet parties, cocktail parties, tasting dinners, wine and tapas tasting events as well as many other formats adapted to specific requirements.

What should you consider when organising an event? Most of all – venue ergonomics. This is the element which should make it possible to hold the event as originally intended. Młyńska12 is a facility offering varied event spaces. It would be worthwhile consulting the managers of these places to benefit from their experience in selecting the right room.

Depending on the nature of the event, you also need to consider the technical infrastructure of the potential venue. The most important technical considerations include the ability to provide adequate lighting, sound and projection solutions. The reason is that corporate events often require an overhead projector, adequate sound system for the presented materials and a sufficient number of power sockets.

Finally, the success of the organised event will be determined to a large extent by the food and beverage offer of the venue. Besides being a very convenient solution for the organiser it is also a promise of high service and food quality – Młyńska12 can boast considerable experience in organising events for large numbers of people.