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THE TIME is a place providing inspiration through its style, ambience and the passion for taste. We are a restaurant where business partners, families and friends meet at one table to relish the beauty of Mediterranean dishes enriched with local touches. Our chef, Roman Kosmalski, displays a unique sense of proportion, giving classic dishes a modern lease of life. 

At the request of our guests, we organise business events, parties for special occasions and receptions. 

THE TIME - a legend is born.

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Wino na butelki

Liczne podróże po regionach winiarskich, degustacje w winnicach, obserwacja procesu produkcji wina, sprawiły, że powstało miejsce wypełnione pasją i miłością do wina oraz dobrego smaku. Miejsce, w którym półki uginają się od niepowtarzalnych win z różnych zakątków Europy i świata. Miejsce, w którym każde wino jest dla nas małym dziełem sztuki zamkniętym w butelce. Wino na Butelki zaprasza do odkrywania winiarskiego świata.

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Whisky Bar & Cigar Room is a breakthrough in the search for a suitable venue for private business meetings. Atmospheric interiors, a selection of choice alcohols and the best cigars make this place a genuine meeting lounge




Deck12 is a sky bar offering a panoramic view of Poznań and a unique opportunity to chill out in spring and summer. Its most important part, however, is the Deck12 by Gaggenau culinary studio, a prestigious meeting place for lovers of the culinary art.


The basement of The Time Concept restaurant by Mielżyński houses the Ground Winery where you will find over 150 wines from different parts of the world. You will not only have an opportunity to buy wine on the advice of a sommelier, but also organise an exceptional, private party for your guests.


Executive Chef Roman Kosmalski – he started turning his passion for cooking into a profession at the age of 21 when he went on a visit to the United Kingdom. After just 3 months of work, he was offered the position of chef in one of the small restaurants which propelled his cooking career in the coastal regions of England. Back in Poland, he got the position of deputy chef, followed quickly by chef of Zagroda Bamberska in Poznań.

During his over 4-year-long tenure, the restaurant not only blossomed when it comes to food quality, but also started attracting crowds of customers. The next step for Roman was a four-star Ilonn Hotel together with the then starting (2013) Gusto Food & Wine which was soon expanded by the Catering+ Gusto idea. Fusing Mediterranean tastes with regional products became Kosmalski’s hallmark in Poznań.

In 2016, two more facilities belonging to the Ilonn brand family were opened: Ilonn Boutique Limanowskiego with the NOON restaurant and Młyńska12 with The Time. Today, working as Executive Chef of all three restaurants, Roman Kosmalski creates more than just the taste of his dishes. He is also responsible for their aesthetics and personally supervises the quality of ingredients