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Młyńska12 is a historic, imposing building located at the corner of Młyńska and Nowowiejskego streets. The building has been completely renovated and modernised in 2012-2015, giving Poznań’s real estate market almost 4600 sq of upscale office space. Finished with top-quality materials, its interiors have been designed based on world class aesthetic trends and in compliance with the most stringent conservation requirements. All this has made Młyńska12 the Polish leader in its category.


The building at Młyńska12 street was erected about 1890 as designed by the famous Poznań architect, Oskar Hoffman. His hallmark was minute attention to architectural detail. Hoffman attached great weight not only to the facades, but also entrance halls, staircases and even backyards of his buildings. Once erected, the building became the symbol of luxury and the prestigious centre of what was then the New Town district of the city. 


The meeting point of Młyńska and Nowowiejskiego streets is in the immediate vicinity of the administrative, district and regional courts in Poznań. It is precisely this neighbourhood and the architectural might of the building which qualify Młyńska12 to become the business centre of Poznań. 

 łyńska12 is also situated close to the cultural part of the city with such landmarks as the Opera, Zamek Culture Centre, the Old Makrket Square and the Raczyński Library.


Our facility was built to the most exact quality standards with the use of high technology, taking account of historical and cultural heritage. As a result of our care about every detail, Młyńska12 is now on the way to become the leader in the office space sector.


Młyńska12 architecture allows to choose between locating their company headquarters in a cozy office space, or the vast open space.

 Conference rooms

Availability up to 12 different in terms of size and purpose, conference rooms allows to organize almost every form of business meeting.


The Time restaurant is a place in Poznań, where business partners, families and friends meet at a common table. Wine bar - Wine by the Glass is a proposal of the best wines and tapas for guests who want to spend the evening in a relaxed atmosphere, and the Culinary Studio Deck_12 is waiting for our guests with a ready proposal of cooking workshops and live cooking


Banquet rooms, an elegant courtyard and turned restaurant is a place where it becomes possible to arrange both intimate parties, and flaunting the ball.


Interiors of Młyńska12 the highest standards of aesthetics and materials used to create it. 

 Historical building

Luxury property in the past, thanks to respecting the standards of conservation regained beauty from the time of its greatest splendor.


Młyńska12 is located almost in the heart of the business center of Poznan. It is, among other things, its immediate surroundings makes it so attractive.


Młyńska12 wants to comprehensively take care of its guests - both conference, as well as the main restaurant, The Time. To meet your expectations, we offer the PREMIUM TRANSPORT service.

In early twentieth century, in addition to several dozen flats, the building at Młyńska12 also housed a fudge factory. Currently, Młyńska12 is strictly protected as a listed building. During the renovation, the building was recreated on a scale of 1:1 which was possible thanks to photographs and hand-made drawings by Hoffman himself.

The original structure has been copied down to the last detail typical of the period when the building was created – window fittings, ornamental fraises, plasterwork or decorative mouldings are all a faithful reproduction. Młyńska12 is a monumental and decorative example of historicism representing a wide spectrum of sculptural and ornamental forms.

Works on reconstructing the building were launched in 2013 and took nearly 3 years, involving almost 1000 people. Original wall paintings in all staircases were recreated, 3000 sq metres of stone were used to cover floors, 1000 sq metres of glass were put on the walls and 294 windows were produced modelled on the historic originals.