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Pn-Czw - 8:00-22:00
Pt - 8:00-23:00
Sob - 12:00-23:00
nd - 13:00-20:00	


THE TIME Concept by Mielzynski is the place that inspires. The Time is a place, where  business partners, family and friends meet at the common table, enjoying the taste of Mediterranean dishes enriched with regional notes. The Chef with a unique sense of dressing classics in modern form.

At the request of our Guests we organize parties, business occasions and banquets.

Oferta Komunijna 2019

MENU a'la carte 

THE TIME'S specials

Dutch new herring / sour cream / milt / potato
PLN 32

Beef tartare / pickles / lovage / honey fungus
PLN 39

Chicken / tomatoes/ coconut milk / ginger / chilli pepper / rice,

Duck leg / stewed red cabbage / "pampuch" steamed yeast roll / demi-glace
PLN 61

The time fudge / caramel / cinnamon / chocolate / biscuits / plum ice cream
PLN 21

Tasting menu

Salmon/ dill/ orange/ cognac

Duck-filled dumplings / roasted apple/ pecorino cheese/ demi-glace

Mushroom consommé/ polenta/ coriander/ thyme

Rose fish/ parsnip/ spinach/ scallops/ leek/ cauliflower

Beef cheeks/ dumpling with herbs/ onion jam/ mushrooms

The time fudge/ caramel/ cinnamon/ chocolate/ biscuits/ plum ice cream

PLN 159 per person


Smoked dry cottage cheese/ spinach/ filo pastry/ romesco sauce (v)
PLN 29

Duck-filled dumplings/ roasted apple/ pecorino cheese/ demi-glace
PLN 37

Beef carpaccio/ rocket/ truffle emulsion/ grana padano cheese
PLN 39

Salmon/ dill/ orange/ cognac
PLN 36

Foie gras/ brioche/ plum/ balsamic cream
PLN 39


Parsnip creamy soup/ parmigiano-reggiano cheese/ pistachio nut/ lemon-flavoured olive
PLN 17

Fish soup/ shrimp/ scallops/ celery/ roasted tomato
PLN 21

Mushroom consommé/ polenta/ coriander/ thyme (v)
PLN 18

Pasta/ risotto

Strozzapreti pasta/ oyster mushroom/ ricotta cheese/spinach/ dried tomato/ truffle olive (v)
PLN 42

Risotto rice/ tuna/ shrimp/ chilli pepper/ leek/ spinach
PLN 51


Guinea fowl supreme/ crisp lettuce mix/ marinated pear/ grapes/ nuts
PLN 42

Roasted sweet potato/ pomegranate/ sesame paste/ rocket/ lemon-flavoured olive (v)
PLN 31

Tuna steak/ potato/ grilled vegetables salad/ olive/ garlic/ herbs
PLN 79

Rose fish/ parsnip/ spinach/ scallops/ leek/ cauliflower
PLN 59

Main dishes

Bacon/ hulless barley/ mushrooms/ beetroot/ demi-glace
PLN 46

Corn chicken/ potato fondant/ vegetables of the season/ thyme
PLN 58

Beef cheeks/ dumpling with herbs/ onion jam/ mushrooms
PLN 61

Beef tenderloin steak/ potatoes/ savoy cabbage/ leek/ tomato/ demi-glace
PLN 89

Root vegetables assiette/ sweet potato puree/ cashew nuts/ olive (v)
PLN 34


Cheesecake/ poppy seed/ nut butter/ orange
PLN 21

Maturing gingerbread/ whisky pear/ caramel mousse/ coffee
PLN 21

White chocolate mousse/ aronia berry/ pine/ yoghurt sorbet
PLN 21

from Monday to Friday 8:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Each breakfast set that consists of a meal and a coffee or tea in the price of 15,90 pln

Each breakfast set that consists of a meal and a glass of champagne in the price of 39 pln

Rogal Świętomarciński - certified regional product

Scrambled eggs to choose with:
ham/ bacon/ tomato

Sausages / fried egg/ tomato/ crème fraiche

Salmon tartare/ beetroot / cottage cheese/ herbs / toast

Bruschetta/ tomato concasse/ guacamole/ poached egg

Shakshouka/ chorizo/ egg/ chive

Rye waffle / mozzarella/ tomato/ pesto

Waffle / jam/ seasonal fruits

Oatmeal/ coconut milk/ apple/ raisin/ sunflower seeds

Milk soup/ batter dumplings / maple syrup/ dried fruits

 Lunch menu

Sour rye soup/ bacon/ egg/ horseradish 17,-

Smoked salmon/ filo pastry/ crisp lettuce 21,-

Main dishes
Beef burger/ buttery roll/ french fries/ BBQ 39,-
Skrei/ croquettes with Parma ham/ green vegetables 46,-
Buckwheat pancake/ tomate paste/ spinach/ mozzarella 32,-


At The Time Concept to Mielżyński wine plays a unique role. Ground Winery is equipped with more than 150 labels. Ask the restaurant team for help.





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The Time Restaurant
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